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Inspired Art exhibition and competition

Winning ceramic piece 2017

Thanks to the Royal Federal Hotel, Branxton for your sponsorship 

By Sue Stewart

About Sue
I have been working with clay for around 30 years and I am still enjoying the process.

I began my journey with clay through a TAFE certificate course that led to making domestic ware for galleries and gift shops.

Many years later I went onto university and completed a Visual Arts Degree followed by Post Graduate studies including a Masters Degree and a Department of Education Diploma. I taught part time at Newcastle University and TAFE in the ceramics departments and Art in various high schools. I am now working in the studio at every opportunity.

I employ a broad range of skills to realise my craft and art-works that alternate between hand-built sculptural forms, figurative sculptures and wheel thrown forms and domestic ware.

Hand-built forms have passed through many phases, I have been inspired by the erosion of rocks along the coast, the white foam and blue/green of the water.

My most recent work has taken on a more painterly quality on wheel-thrown and hand-built forms