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A joint exhibition at Back to Back Galleries, Cooks Hill. The Athena Group

For each artist making art is essentially an individual journey; the highs of getting it to work and the lows when it doesn’t make sense or you open the kiln door to find a disaster.  Is it ever really finished?  Possibly not.  The idea of the artist as gifted or prescient is common but in reality, to most artists, it feels more like an addictive obsession.  Is the journey linear, from here to there, building one idea on another to get there; or do we explore lots of different paths to find a central point?  In this exhibition we plan to reveal something of the process each artist uses as well as the vastly different approaches individuals can employ. 


Exhibition Date: 24th March 2017. Official opening 6pm 24th March
Gallery: Back to Back Galleries, 57 Bull Street


Newcastle Herald review: Jill Stowell, 8th April 2017

Athena is Back

The intergenerational Athena group exhibits every year at Back to Back Galleries, mixing graphics and ceramics.

This year the anticipated high standard was maintained, with fallen leaves inspiring the monoprints of Helene Leane, the collage prints of Jeanne Harrison and Pat Davidson’s intricate fabric replicas, while Faye Collier assembles long leaves into openwork ceramic bowls.

Sue Stewart’s elegant ceramic bottle forms set up agreeable tensions with fine lines of abstract decoration.

Piano keys and electronic fragments combined for Lucile Carson’s evocative overcrowded boats


Exhibitions (up-coming) Sue's World

Momento Mori

I will be giving a talk on my entry in the ceramic section at 1-45 on 8th of November.

The work is titled ‘Memento Mori’. The title has been borrowed from the 17th century Flemish painters. They painted beautiful vases of flowers with several dropped petals as a reminder of death.

‘Memento Mori’ is a rock-pool with various impressions of coral formations indicating the beauty of the Barrier Reef, the piece of white coral sitting outside of the rock pool is a reminder of the potential danger of climate change and the effects on our stunning Barrier Reef.